HOPU brings urban innovation through key techs as AI, IoT and Data-Quality. We engage citizens and decision-makers, to guarantee that data is understandable by everybody, intuitive and usable. HOPU supports urban development and digital transformation through data-powered tools with dashboards and IoT devices to monitor impact, sustainability and the environment. In details, cities are empowered with Business Intelligence tools based on Open Source (FIWARE and Grafana) with a set of indicators based on the integration of data from multiple data sources including satellite, IoT devices and other private data. Real examples of how HOPU is supporting the decision making process are:

1- Acciona understanding how they are reducing climate change impact via the number of electric scooters (motosharing), in order to identify how many additional scooters can be deployed into a city and their impact on air quality, noise etc. (https://lanzadera.es/ciudades-mas-sostenibles-con-hopu-y-acciona/).

2- Analysis of the benefits of sustainable use of land for new spaces as car parks, green zones or commercial cases, as the case of Cartagena which received the urban innovation award by Le Monde (https://www.lemonde.fr/smart-cities/article/2020/06/25/a-carthagene-hopu-prend-le-pouls-de-la-ville-espagnole-pour-lutter-contre-le-changement-climatique_6044108_4811534.html)

3- Ports as Algeciras (the largest port in Spain) to understand the origin of the pollution and how it can be mitigated via a wide network of IoT sensors, data integration from the ports activity and satellite data (Copernicus); (https://business-reporter.co.uk/2021/03/10/smart-ports-in-smart-cities-big-data-iot-and-ai-for-sustainable-and-resilient-environments/ & https://innovacion.apba.es/en/hop-ubiquitous/)