IT-c solves the problem of the inefficient settings of traffic light controllers, by providing a software solution, that is specifically designed to meet live traffic conditions at intersections. We are unique, because we don't use any pre-written time periods that limit red-green cycle length, but our software flexibly decides using live traffic data from the intersection, what is the best setting for every traffic condition. We can also work with different monitoring devices, that supply us live data, and plan to connect neighbouring junctions to create a network in cities.

The challange and opportunity in the market presents itself with the increasing urbanization and extensive harmful emission that is enhanced through the ineffective operations of traffic lights. Braking and accelerating at the lights contribute the most to the emissions, not mentioning the accumulated stress that potentially lead to accidents. Furthermore, the upcoming smart-city technological developments offer a unique opportunity to change the operation of traffic lights to meet current traffic conditions.

We offer our solution to city municipalities, either directly, if they have live traffic data at intersection where the IT-c system is installed, or via collaboration with a traffic sensor company. Our pilot project has begun in March 2021 in England with one intersection.

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