Urban Radar SAS

Urban Radar's mission is to act on climate by reducing the impact of transportation in cities.
60% of global gas emissions come from cities and almost a third of it is generated by mobility and logistics. In this urging context, it is imperative to offer the proper tools to cities and stakeholders to understand and act on it.

Founded in late 2018 between France and Silicon Valley by a logistics expert and a Smart City technology expert, Urban Radar has developed a data visualization and analytics platform to help local governments understand their data and transform it into actionable insights.

Urban Radar's technology imposes itself as promising and essential for building the sustainable future to which the Paris agreements aspire. This is evidenced by Urban Radar's actions with the World Economic Forum, articles in Forbes, and its designation as a winner of the prestigious European Union Urban Mobility. In France, Urban Radar is an active member of the logistics and artificial intelligence component of the Smart City program of the Ile de France Region.

The company is always looking for talent to keep developing its product and conquer new markets.