BABLE Smart Cities

Who We Are

We are an innovative start-up driving the change towards a better urban life by supporting cities in addressing their most pressing challenges through the implementation of smart, sustainable solutions and by serving as a neutral facilitator between the public and private sectors. BABLE was born out of the forward-looking research for a sustainable Europe as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Society – Europe’s largest applied research institution.

What We Believe

The main purpose of BABLE is to support the sustainable development of cities in Europe and beyond. We want to create liveable, future-proof and sustainable cities based on innovation and collaboration.

  • We strive towards a carbon-free future
  • We aim to increase efficiency in resource consumption
  • We build on data, connectivity and the IoT
  • We aim for processes that benefit the best solutions not the loudest or cheapest actors
  • We strive to provide future-proof solutions for sustainable cities

What We Do

We constantly drive the change for a better urban life. We provide a smart and connected platform that gives cities and companies a unique set of information for facilitating change.

We create automated services that simplify. We offer advisory that guides transition. Big or small, profit or non-profit, we approach everything we do with scientific accuracy and a hunger to solve problems in urban areas.